MLS Development Group was founded by Michael Lingard Smith in 2009 and has been supporting projects in the energy and construction sectors for close to 10 years now.

Working on a national basis from the companies Hull office, MLS Group provide services including Project Management, Employer’s Agent, Contract Services, Principle Designer Services.

In 2016 MLS Development Group expanding their offering specialising in Design & Build projects within the private sector.

Our Vision

  • Be the company of choice for construction and energy services
  • Secure repeat clients by exceeding expectations

We strive to build a relationship of trust with every client, for the long-term.

  • We guard client confidences.
  • We express the truth as we see it.
  • We will only take on an engagement if we believe we can create value for the client substantially in excess of our professional fees.

As individuals and as a company, we gauge our success in terms of our impact on the performance and long-term health of our clients.